Membership Form

Friday, September 6th, 2013


 If you support our objectives and would like to help our work,

please print and complete this form and return it to

Cats’ Aid, P.O Box 2874, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Phone No. (01) 275 1665

Name:  (Please Print)  ___________________________________________________________________________________



Telephone:  ___________________                    Email:_________________________

I enclose a Donation of € _________(Amt in words)___________________________________

(Suggested minimum €15.00.  Pensioners/unwaged/junior supporters €6.00).


I wish to set up a monthly Standing Order:

To:          ______________________________________________________(Name of your Bank)

____________________________________________________________(Address of your Bank)


Account No: ______________________________________      Bank SortCode_______________________________________

Please pay to Bank of Ireland, University Branch, Montrose, Dublin 4 (NSC 90-13-51) for the account of Cats’ Aid, Account  No. 42802722, the sum of  € _____   (Amt in words )______________

On  (date) __________ and on the same date each month until further notice.

Signed                                                                                  Date