AJs Happy ending

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Nimue060214 Nimue0602141 Nimue0602142 Nimue0602143Just wanted to update you about AJ.
She’s now called Nimue and she’s very very happy.
She grew up a lot since the last time you met her, and she now looks like a big girl! She is still super friendly with humans, very curious every time someone comes over and always willing to play and purr on people’s laps.
She gets along very well with other cats either, even when they are not very friendly, she still tries to bond with them, and most of the times she wins!!

She loves playing with her little shiny rubber ball so much, and when she wants to play she just brings it to you and looks at you until you don’t throw it, so she can run after it, and bring it back to you again, like a little puppy!


She really likes her new scratcher as well, which has a big tube on the top, where she spends lot of time, checking out what’s going on around her.
She has her cushion in our bedroom and she sleeps in there most of the times, even thou he does not dislike to spent some time with us on the bed (especially at 4 am, when she wakes us up licking our nose).
Most of the times, when we go back from work, we see her at the window waiting for us and as soon as he sees us, she runs downstairs at the door to meet us!


She’s adorable!