Mr. Snuggles (formerly Mork) & Sasha

Monday, February 17th, 2014


Mr. Snuggles (foMork&Sasharmerly Mork) was originally fostered with his sister Mindy, they were born to a stray cat who was taken in by a couple who were not is a position to keep her kittens too.  Then Sasha and her sister Misty, arrived to be fostered too.  Both Misty and Mindy got homes which left Mork and Sasha together, they became very close (as you see in these pictures).   Mr. Snuggles was adopted by the wonderful Amy, who after some thought decided that she would adopt Sasha too.  They are spoilt, loved and pampered kitties … really something every cat deserves.

Mork Sasha&Mork Sasha