Thursday, September 11th, 2014

I first heard about my little Henry on the Cats’ Aid Facebook page. It was just a brief mention of two white, fluffy kittens who had been found and rescued on the northside of Dublin and were being treated for cat flu. I see so many gorgeous cats and kittens posted on the CA Facebook page and ooh and ahh over all of them, but for some reason, when I saw the photo of Henry and his sister (who rather coincidentally got homed with friends of a friend) I knew that he was “my boy.” There was something in the expression on his little face that made me think “I need that kitty in my life!”

I went to collect Henry from his foster mother, Roisin, in May 2012 and bless him, he screamed and cried the whole way home in the car! But when I got him home we shared a “moment”–I picked him up, he looked at me with his big blue eyes, made a little squeaking sound as if to say “Are you my new mother?” and at that moment I fell hopelessly in love! We had a few teething problems at first–his two new older “sisters” weren’t terribly pleased at the addition of a fluffy little boy disrupting their routine! Then about 6 weeks after bringing him home he had a relapse of his cat flu and nearly died (thank you to the UCD hospital and my local vets, Mark and Adrienne, at the Dundrum Veterinary Clinic for saving his life). But two years on and things couldn’t be better. That tiny ball of fluff that I brought home that morning in May is now a big, healthy boy who rules the roost! His “sisters” don’t hate him quite as much and sometimes I even catch them cuddling on the sly! He’s utterly devoted to me and follows me around from room to room, sits on my lap when I watch TV, sleeps with me every single night and loves going on Skype to “talk” to my parents (aka “the grandparents”!). His favourite things are his cat tree, the odd bit of tuna, cuddles and kisses, being brushed and his baby blanket (that he drags around the house!). He also loves when guests come over and will rush to the door to greet newcomers! He’s such a sweet, funny, affectionate, sociable little kitty and I love him with all my heart. I really can’t thank Cats’ Aid enough for bringing him into my life.


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