NELSON (formerly THOR)

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

I started out fostering Thor from Cats” Aid last June after I had seen an urgent foster appeal out for him. Cats’ Aid had him for a couple of weeks before me. During this time he had been extremely unwell, in fact he had almost died from starvation just after he was found so he still wasn’t fully himself when he came to live with us. We brought him to the vets to get him checked and it turned out he would need steroid and b12 injections as well as regular weight checks. Cats’ Aid covered all these costs through their fund-raising.

For the first few weeks all he did was mostly sleep and eat, we gave him lots of TLC and kept him away from the other animals who were very curious about him. It was touch and go for a bit but he eventually came around and became the fabulous cat that he is today. Now he is called Nelson and much prefers to lounge around indoors and be as close as possible to us (and Winnie our other cat) and of course he thoroughly enjoys his food!

Five months on and he has fully integrated with all the other animals in the household and is very much part of our family and we are delighted that we decided to adopt Nelson and hopefully have him for many years to come. (the pictures show the georgeous Nelson now & when he first came to us)

Thor Thor2