*Homed* Meet Lea

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Lea was living in a feral colony. The lady who looks after the colony noticed she was very friendly and asked Cats’ Aid  to take her in.  Lea is far from feral though. She probably has been someone’s pet, she adjusted very quickly in her foster home, and over the weeks her confidence has grown. She is great with other cats, not a bother. She has a very sweet nature, so probably would be suitable for a household with children as well.   Once settled in she will come to your for cuddles and will reward you with a loud happy purr.  Lea’s an adorable – and very curious – little girl, ready now for her forever home!

If you would like to adopt Lea please contact Cats’ Aid on 01 668 3529 (Ref: WF)

Lea  Lea2 Lea3 Lea4