An Appeal from our Treasurer

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

It has always been the policy of Cats’ Aid to issue receipts for all moneys received and the treasurer endeavours to do this to the best of her ability.

For some time now various amounts are being transferred to our account, online, the description for these items are very vague, “monthly Donation” and” 365 donation” would be an example of what appears on the Bank statement. Needless to say the Bank are not very helpful in helping us to identify these transactions.

The reason for this appeal is to ask anyone who is making a regular donation directly to our bank account, if they have not received a receipt to let us know. Annual receipts are issued for the regular monthly donors, these are usually included with the newsletter in the early part of the year, If you are a regular donor and have not received a receipt please let us know. Please also let us have your postal address or email address to facilitate this distribution.

Sending communications by email is being investigated so that we can save on postage thereby helping us to make sure that all available funds are directed towards the care of the cats that come into our care.

Don’t worry, if you do not have an email address we will continue to send you regular updates by post.

Thank you for your cooperation. E.P.