Meet Molly

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Molly is a 2 years old female. She is the last survivor of a 5 kittens litter (all of them including mother died hit by cars). Because I realised she’s nobody’s cat, she was trapped last year in April in order to have her neutered.  Because it was a big surgery and I had to keep her on antibiotics, I kept her in one of my bedrooms for 3 weeks. In this time she started to come along, but I “lost” her again when I had to trap her and take her back to the vet. Immediately after releasing her back, we build a small house for her outside. She realised she is safe there, she started to meow to us and to purr. Then all of a sudden she decided it’s time to come inside and have her food and sleep here. Now she is really comfortable with us and she sleeps inside most of the nights. She likes to play with string and feather toys and fluffy small mice. She is a sweet soul but she still needs time and much love to trust people again. She would fit best in a quiet house, without children and as on only cat who can spend all her time giving you love. Outdoor access would be great.  Here is a video of her enjoying her time inside:

If you can give Molly the home she deserves please contact Cats’ Aid on 01 6683529 (Ref: AS)

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