Meet Rex

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Rex is very friendly, curious, playful yet well behaved. He has found his favourite spots (sunny windows, cuddly throws and any cardboard box ) and is usually ready to play or eat. He’s well trained too – found the litter box right away and has taken to a new scratching post. He’s inquisitive and a very quick learner. And yet, for all of this, he’s still a kitten: he can spend minutes chasing his own tail and then jump into his bed/basket and fall asleep. He’s still has dainty paws and features. And he’s well able to curl up in a small ball sometimes when he sleeps. He’s still well behaved – I think playing with him and making him jump around makes a big difference. And boy can he jump high – he has no problem going at least 3 feet in the air. ( I use one of those feathery sticks). He’s smart and a very quick learner. He also inquisitive with new things and people. He gets right out there and into the middle of things when people he hasn’t met before drop by. He’s very social but doesn’t climb all over people.
If you can offer Rex his forever home please contact Cats’ Aid on 01 6683529 (Ref: NM)