Meet Socks

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Socks (we call him Puss and he answers to this name) is a neutered male. We don’t know how old he is but when we moved here 2,5 years ago he was already an adult. He likes to play a lot, he is trying to play with every cat he meets. We neutered him last year and started to feed him outside. He is a big wanderer so outdoor access is a must for him. He is a relaxed cat, so you can imagine that was no surprise for us when he wanted to come inside. Now he comes twice a day to get some rest and when he is in the mood he is begging us to play. He is not really comfortable with being touched but he’s easy to pick up, so no problems with putting him in a carrier. When he is asleep he likes to get some rubs under his chin 🙂 and I think with patience and love he will become a lap cat in no time.

If you can provide Socks with a forever home please contact Cats’ Aid on 01 6683529 (Ref: AS)

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