Meet Gizmo *Homed*

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Gizmo is an exceptionally friendly 8 year old male who loves nothing more than relaxing in the evenings and getting back rubs. Gizmo is the perfect pet for those who are working during the day and want some fluffy company in the evening. He sleeps for most of the day is very calm and quiet. While fostering Gizmo we found him great to have around the house. It took him less than a day to get settled into our home and came to us straight away to be petted. Gizmo is more than happy to be inside and has never looked to go outside in the time we have fostered him.

If you can offer Gizmo a forever home please phone 01 668 3529 (Ref: AB)

You can view some cute photos and videos of Gizmo here.


Gizmo Gizmo1 Gizmo2 Gizmo4