Meet Stevie

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Stevie was rescued in April 2013 when a call came in from a lady looking for help with a cat she almost knocked down. He was skinny and had a serious eye infection. The vet discovered that Stevie was totally blind because of years of infections in his eyes they had rotted away. He was covered in fleas, had worms, ear mites and his fur was falling off.
It took weeks of rehabilitation at the vets and a number of operations to clear out the infection and his eyes.
Stevie was then lucky enough to get a fantastic permanent foster home with one of our supporters.  She writes: “Stevie came to me with a large tumour on his chest and was constantly scratching. A vet visit showed he had a severe skin allergy to dust and fleas so he needs to get an immune-vaccine injection every 4 to 6 weeks. Fortunately for Stevie the tumour was removed and has not returned and the vaccine is working well for him.
Stevie did not really like to be touched when he arrived, particularly on his lower back.  The vet checked it out and it was determined he was feeling no pain, but we reckoned he had been “smacked” there in his previous life and still bore the mental scars.  It took a long time and lots of patience to get him to accept touch there, but he came around after a few months.  He still only likes to be touched on his terms, when he wants to, but as an older gentleman that’s his prerogative!
Stevie’s favourite thing in the whole world is the garden, fortunately I have an enclosed garden with access through a cat flap in the kitchen, and he spends most of his time out there.  I have little shelves with ladders leading up to them and he can find his way around no problem.
He likes to play with a mouse, occasionally, but in general he likes to eat and sleep.  He is a big boy and likes his food, but he’s not a savage and just eats for his size lol
Everyone who meets Stevie loses their heart to him, he has got so much character, he’s not a pushover, you have to earn his love, but once he gives it you feel you’ve achieved something.  He has an amazing soul and I often wonder what happened him in his previous life to be found wandering the streets with his eyes rotting in his head 🙁  “
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