Special appeal for Bella

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

For the past three years Bella has been fed as part of a small feral colony.  Recently it was noticed that she was having difficulty walking and it was decided to trap her and seek veterinary attention.  But a trap was not necessary; we were able to pick Bella up and put her into a carrier. We will never know how this elderly, pet cat ended up as part of a colony of ferals.

She was found to be in very poor condition. A huge abscess on her toe meant surgery and a severe chest infection, going back many months made breathing difficult; ear mites must have been a constant torment. What to do? The attending vet did not want to give up on her even though the outlook was not encouraging.  There was something about this frail cat that made everyone want to give her every chance. Bella proved to be a cat of great courage with a strong will to live.

Now, six weeks on, with intensive vet care and rest and good food we are ready to think of a future for this remarkable cat.  She would do well in a quiet indoor home with no other pets or children. She does not want to move around much, loves being petted but is not demanding, is very clean and tidy, a very easy companion.

How this sweet cat came to be living on the street and how she survived the severe winters is a mystery.  Now we would love to see her having all the comforts of home in her twilight years.

If you would like to hear more about Bella her carer would love to talk to you.  Any further medical expenses will be met by Cats Aid.  If you think you could give Bella the love, peace and quiet that she needs please contact Cats Aid on(01) 668 3529 or email catsaid@gmail.com.