Meet Mustard! *Homed*

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015


My Name is Mustard…..I’m a cheeky wee kitten about 11 weeks old. I was found abandoned along with my brother and sister when I was little but after a check up, my injections and a little TLC I’m all set to find myself a new home.

I’m great fun – I LOVE to play and scamper about after toys with my brother Cheerio. We drive our poor sister mad! I’m a good snuggler too – you can hear me purring from 50 paces! I love nothing better than a good snuggle with a bit of fun afterwards. I really am the perfect family pet!

I’m good with kids and don’t mind a busy household. Have¬† a look at me playing in the video to see what I’m like. I really do love playing with my brother Cheerio – if you think you might want to give two cats a home then maybe you could consider him too. We’re such a duo! He’s in the bottom photo below.

If you think you can give me a home please call catsaid on 01 6683529. Ref HL

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