Meet Butch and Sundance!

Sunday, November 1st, 2015


Ginger-coloured brothers, 4 months old as of 22 Oct 2015


Butch is dusky, caramel tiger striped, the more muscular of the two.

He is daring, an escape artist and seems like a natural hunter who may be difficult to keep indoors

Beautiful voice, assertive and independent; very adventurous, likes to explore

Tolerates  being petted, but doesn’t initiate contact very often.


Sundance is apricot tiger striped, slightly more slender

Very laid-back and people friendly – sunny personality:  greets me, likes to sit on lap, be petted, and deeply purrs

might remain indoors, but is likely to follow Butch’s lead

Both are remaining indoors (Butch with difficulty) and adjusting well to human

handling. Both allowed trimming of front claws.  Also adjusting to gentle but playful

dog;  they are curious –  sniff and rub noses with it, but are quick to defend themselves

 (hiss and swat) if dog tries to initiate dog-style play.
If you would like to adopt this appealing pair, please phone Cats’ Aid on 6683529.