Meet Amy and Abigail!

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Meet the gorgeous Sister Act:  Amy and Abigail!

Rescued from a skip when only 2 days old, these female black/blonde torties were bottle- and then hand-fed. Now, at 9 weeks, both are used to being handled and are super friendly.

Leaner and more independent of the two,  Amy, compensates for her petite size by a cheeky  disposition; she likes nothing better than boxing with her paws and getting into mischief.

Abigail, who is somewhat larger and loves to cuddle, is more relaxed than Amy, yet  follows her sister’s lead when fun is to be had.

After a busy day of exploring indoors, this dynamic duo like nothing better than to curl up in a warm place for a catnap, followed afterwards by a cuddle –  or perhaps a game of football!

Amy and Abigail get along with children and with other cats. Ideally, they should be homed together.

If you think you can give these two gorgeous ladies a home please call Catsaid on 01 6683529 ref CB