Meet Lea!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Hi my name is lea I am a 6 month old nuetered and vaccinated female.

My story began with my 4 siblings when we lived on the streets. We were not in good condition but then a kind lady took us in, to care for us and prepare us for our new homes- ♥♥ my foster mammy….. All my brother’s and sister are homed and are doing very well. I’ve had all my vaccinations and I’ve been neutered so now its my turn to find my forever home.
I have a very soft nature and would never nip or scratch but sometimes I can be a little unsure or scared of some situations, so I would need a quiet home with someone to allow me to adjust and flourish at my own pace. At present I live with 4 cats and an elderly dog. Some of my favourite places are high up on the cat tree, curled up on a dining room chair or stretching out to sun myself on a window sill. My foster mammy has set up a crate for me which allows me a safe place to go if I am unsure or worried.
My ideal home would be initially an indoor home until I became more confident and settled and then maybe I could have some safe outside access to explore the outside world.  I love cuddles and if you have the patience to get to know me and give me a chance I really will be the best friend you’ll ever have!

If you think you could give me a home please call Catsaid on 01 6683529 Ref LG

Thank you!

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