Meet Bridie!

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Hi my name is Bridie I am an elderly lady approximately 7- 10 years of age. I arrived into my foster mammy after I was surrendered. I am friendly but I can be a little shy in certain situations and sometimes I can hiss if I get frightened.


However since arriving in my new foster home I am getting more and more confident and really curious so I don’t hide need to hide anymore, especially when visitors arrive, instead I will sit and listen and take it all in.


I like my pets and will run across the room for cuddles and to get my head massaged. I love to curl up on anything soft like my snug bed, the sheepskin rug in the sitting room and my favourite place is my foster mom’s bed. Recently I have discovered the comfort of the sofa and will join my mom for cuddles. On a sunny day I love the heat on my furry body so I will follow the sun from one room to another.
As I am an elderly lady I do have some down sides to me, as with all of us with age, my hearing isn’t the best, I do snore and I have a touch of arthritis so I am on medication to help with that. However this won’t cost you much (approximately .42 cents a day).  Other than that I am as fit as a fiddle.

My ideal home would be an indoor only with a couple or single person with no children or other animals. Could you be the one for me and offer me a place to call my own for the rest of my days?

I would be trilled and you won’t be sorry.

Ref NM


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