Meet Chuckles! (homed)

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Hello, my name’s Chuckles!
I am a 10 year old male in a foster home, looking for a forever home to retire to after my mommy passed away. I am an indoor cat who is best suited to adult homes without children . I love to curl up and snooze, especially next to you on the couch, I hope you do not mind my tiny snores!
I am friendly and curious once I get comfortable, and I like to sleep on the bed, the rugs…anywhere cosy really!
I love my food after living outside, and I am very independent so can stay at home while you are at work. I am curious and will travel the house with you, a wonderful companion. I don’t eat plants or scratch furniture, I am far too relaxed and wise for that. I am friendly and love being pet around the face and tummy, and I am sure to make your home more relaxed and enjoyable!
If you think you can give Chuckles a home please call Catsaid pm 01 6683529 Ref RO’F
Chuckles   Chuckes sleeping Chuckes 1