Meet Gypsy! (Homed!)

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Hi, I’m Gypsy a 10 year old cat with a great personality who is vaccinated, neutered and ready to go!

I listen to many names but the best way to call me is to go near my food bowls because I am the happiest being fed. I’m a talker and like to talk when I want food when I see birds outside when I want attention from my foster mom and when I want more food.

I only recently started to play with toys and am loving it! I always use my scratch post. I’m shy with new people but once I know you I am comfortable, so comfortable in fact I will sleep on my owner when it’s nap time or bedtime or when they are working on a laptop or reading by a fire.

After settling into my new future home I would love to go out into the garden. I especially love sunbathing when it’s warm out! I would like a home with just a few adults as sometimes I shy away from commotion but I’m also content to sleep on my foster mom’s bed. I always remind her of dinner time in case she forgets!

As Gypsy likes to be the centre of attention she would be suited to a home with no other animals.

If you are interested in adopting me please phone Cats Aid today on 01 6683529



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