Meet Harry and Molly!

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016


Hi my name is Harry, I am the beautiful all black brother of Molly and we will both be one year in December, I have been neutered and am vaccinated.

We are currently in foster care and we have a ball together playing games and generally getting into mischief all day.

If I am not playing games with Molly I like to be petted and do my nails on the scratching post, furniture doesn’t appeal to me!

I am also a super chaser of the laser toy, which I never tire of.

In my household there are also two quiet dogs and three other cats, none of them cause me any bother, in fact I think they like me playing with their tails.

I am a great little eater and always enjoy my food, I am actually full of chatter when my foster mum is feeding me.

Please consider me for adoption, you will adore me.

If you think you can give me a home please call Catsaid on 01 6683529 Ref SC


Hi my name is Molly.  I am black and white and will be one year old this December.

I am Harry’s sister and we get on great, we like to play together or similarly I am happy to play alone. I think that eventually I will grow into a super lap cat but for now I am a timid girl who needs a bit of patience and space along with TLC.

Even though I am quite timid I do like humans and will follow them around.  I like other animals too.  In my foster home there are two nice quiet dogs and two other adult cats, none of whom cause me any bother no matter how much I hang out of them, I mean with them!

I love games such as chasing and pouncing and I especially like games that involve foraging for treats as I love eating. I am really good looking, I have been vaccinated and neutered and am ready for the right home.


If you think you can offer me a home please ring in and enquire about me.


Ref – SC



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