Halloween Reminder!

Friday, October 28th, 2016

As Halloween is approaching, we would like to remind all pet owners about the dangers of this time.


Pets can become very frightened by Halloween noise & activities; when they are frightened they can bolt & become lost; they can also be injured by traffic.  Every year we hear horror stories of cats & dogs suffering both deliberate cruelty & accidental injuries.


PLEASE keep your cat indoors for at least two days before & after Halloween. We recommend that cats be put in a secure room with curtains drawn. Radio/TV can provide background noise to counter the noise of fireworks. Reassure your cat; Rescue Remedy can help to calm a cat (you can use this yourself as well!) Feliway/Adaptil can also be calming. Both available from vets & pet shops. Be careful that your cat can’t escape when you open your door to ‘trick or treaters.’  Watch lit candles & decorations carefully; a curious cat can easily overturn a lit candle with potentially disastrous consequences.


Of course, the above applies just as much to dogs, who can be even more traumatized by Halloween than cats. We recommend that you walk your dog only during daylight hours at Halloween & keep him on a short lead & under firm control in case something ‘spooks’ him. If your dog is frightened, reassure him, but don’t make too much fuss, which can reinforce his fears. Just make sure that he has a quiet, safe space.


We wish a spooktacular & safe Halloween to all our supporters & their companion animals.