Meet Charlie!

Monday, January 30th, 2017


I’m Charlie , a  two year old male cat who is house trained and neutered.  I’m an  absolute sweetheart and as you can see from my photo I have  a striking sweetheart marking on my chest to prove it! I’m slender and graceful with the physique of a Siamese cat – Aren’t I gorgeous!?

I have a winning personality, I’m very affectionate and sociable without being overly demanding. I love to sit on your lap from time to time and I always like to be in the company of people and other cats. I’m really very cat friendly.

I’m currently in foster-care currently with three other cats. I’m super laid back and got on with everyone from the start. I love  to play with my toys and with other cats. I used to live as  only cat where I spent a lot of time alone and I was stressed and very unhappy.

For that reason I’m really looking for a home with a person or family where at least one person will be at home with me a good deal of the time.; a home where everyone works full time would not be suitable for me.  I’d get really lonely

Ideally I’d love a home with another cat or cats .

So if you think you can give me a new home – can you give Catsaid a call on 01 6683529 ref CM