Meet Lili!

Friday, February 24th, 2017

My name is Lili.  Although I am sometimes a bit jumpy, I love it when those humans cuddle me. I can’t help but stay close to them in case they want to give me head scratches. I have spent 8 years on the streets and this is my first time in a house. I can finally sleep all day and eat all the yummy food! I am not totally sure yet they all deserve my trust but those cuddles though... 
What my foster mom says about me: I didn’t think Lili would come along, from hissy scared cat to one of the most loving cats I have fostered so far! You can see that she is not always very sure of wether she should run away or stay close to you but she always ends up following you around, jumping on the bed for her morning and night cuddles, and she is clearly LOVING being petted! You will not regret giving Lili a home. Note that she would be more comfortable with a single person or a couple , I would not recommend a home with children, only because she would be a bit stressed.
If you think you can give Lili a home please call Catsaid ref CD