Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Thought I would let you know what Lottie and her pal Minion are up to…

Lottie has taken over the house; she loves to chase Minion up and down the stairs – reminds me of another kitty… I think the spirit of Gypsy is in her as she is so like her in many ways, but she also reminds me of Chloe, the first Tortie who owned us. It is amazing how alike they are.

The Christmas tree survived, she was content to sit under it and look at the shiny decorations, and she seemed happy enough at the time with all the visitors etc. She is a terrible flirt, loves the male members of the family and I get the odd time when she will sit on my lap…. just the person who feeds and grooms her after all… She also loves the sewing machines like Gypsy, and it can be weird seeing her watch the needles go up and down. I feel like the other lady has not left me at all sometimes; maybe it is just me. I love to watch her face when she sees something new. Her favourite toy at the moment is a yo-yo that found its way into the house; she drags it along with the string in her mouth and watches it roll back onto the yo-yo, very funny to see, and I use it when I want to put her into the room if the door bell rings.

I haven’t let her out alone yet, she seems to be a bit scatty and I would be worried she would wander off, so this weekend we are going to see what happens. I will let her go out through the cat flap and hope for the best that I get into the garden quickly enough to keep an eye on her. I think she should be okay if we are around but those walls are watched whenever I put her on the lead to have a sniff around.. watch this space!!

Minion is getting on really well with her, and showed a soft side to her nature when Lottie had her lampshade on after her spay operation. I caught her grooming Lottie’s back and generally being tender towards her, so Mins has her good points after all… the vet does not believe me as she be- comes the cat from hell when she is in there!!

They also sit together and watch Blondie, the lizard doing her wind dance, and Blondie often sits with her nose up against the tank watching the two of them on the window ledge where they monitor the world going by. So all three are getting on well and the Baker household is very pleased with all the pets.

She is going to be a very big cat, long and fluffy, and her tail is growing with her!! She still looks like a squirrel and has a strange way of getting off chairs, she seems to do a backwards slide where she goes onto her back, puts her head down and slithers and slides down onto the floor.. hard to de- scribe, but it is very funny to see and cracks us all up when she does it.

I am still sure that Minion tells her all the naughty things to do; she still climbs up on shelves, so any- thing precious has been put away in case of acci- dents, and the front room curtains have been used as a climbing net the odd time. Hopefully she will grow out of the climbing habit…