Meet Whitney!

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

This is Whitney

Hi my name is Whitney. I am 6 months old, nuetered and fully vaccinated female. I have a beautiful honey coloured tabby coat.

I am one of a litter of 4 kittens and currently in a foster home with my sister, Willow. My favourite things to do are to run around at 100mph playing with my sister. I get very excited chasing a shoe lace that is being dragged by my foster mammy and I am a bit rumbunctuous with my sister. Although she is bigger than me, I make up for my delicate stature in cheekiness! I am also a little nervous of my humans but am showing all the signs of being a loving and cuddly cat with time. I also love a head-rub (when I decide that I want one!) and give you little signs that I am ready for some contact, as I tilt my head to one side and offer you my chin for a bit of a rub. I’m not ready to sit on my human’s lap yet but I will be as I build trust.  I have bags of personality and can also be cute as a button when I turn it on (and boy can I turn it on!) ! I also like to watch TV – I enjoy the football as I can watch all the little men scurrying around on screen. I don’t understand the off-side rule yet though. I am also 100% litter trained – not one single accident – which I am rather proud of. An understanding home would suit me best.

Do you think you could give me a new home

If so please call Catsaid on 01 6683529 ref CM