Meet Rosie!

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Rosie came to us with her 2 kittens named Stevie and Olivia.
Rosie is about 9 months old; she was recently spayed and vaccinated. She’s quite affectionate; as soon as you come into the room she comes over for a pet, She loves getting under her chin rubbed!
The first day she came to her foster carer she jumped up on the sofa and draped herself over her legs but once she’s had enough rubs she’ll get down and sit on the carpet or back of the sofa on her own.
She’s very playful with her 2 kittens but we think she’d be better suited to a house without other cats. She’s fine around children from what her fosterer  can see – there’s been children around her 3/4 times in the house and she’s been fine with them although the children were told not to crowd her so not sure what she’d be like if they were constantly around.

If you can offer this appealing girl a home please phone Cats’ Aid on 6683529.   Ref CM/SF