Found Naas

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

I found a cat, few months ago -when I say found, it visited house and I fed it and it kept coming back for a few months, I thought it was wild but now comes into house, I live in a country and a fair number of feral cats also visit the property which i feed, but they never come into house.


– female cat
– spayed
– seems domesticated
– age unknown
– friendly, used to people
– found at Tipper South, Blessington Road, Naas, (near Craddocktown Golf course) around January 2017 first sighting
– I asked around at all nearby properties, no one lost a cat (in country, properties close are 1-2 miles away)
– no collar
– haven’t check micro-chip, will do, hadn’t occurred to me until i visited your website

If you have seen this cat please contact Ashley on 045 856685