From Rescue to Rosettes!

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Cats’ Aid rescued a pretty tortoiseshell kitten from a dangerous situation in an industrial estate last autumn. She was living rough with her Mom and three siblings. We called her Button. At first she was shy, but she adapted to her foster home and we advertised her for homing. She went to live with Grace and settled in well.

Fast-forward to April, 2017 and the Supreme Cat Show in Ballinteer. Grace entered Button (now called Ruby Button) in the non-pedigree section and … well, we will let Button take up the story:

Wait till you hear what I was doing yesterday !! *takes a deep breath* … I was in my very first CAT SHOW !! … AND I was FIRST in my Breed Class and BEST in my Group!

Mama didn’t tell people about it ‘cos she was afraid it would be a CATastrophe… imagine that !! She was scared that I’d try to escape from the Judges but I was a really good girl for them – and I know my brofur Angel Simba was there helping me, ‘cos he was a champion.

Here’s what the judge wrote about me: –

Coat Colour and Texture: Very plush fur, bright, white long whiskers, perfect tortoiseshell patches with white bib. General condition and temperament: Lovely condition, two-tone eyes.

General Remarks: Very gentle, unusual asym- metrical face pattern, relaxed being held, very sweet.

Congratulations from Cats’ Aid, Ruby Button. Yours is a wonderful story and we wish you and Grace many happy years together. It’s the ongoing generosity of you, our supporters, that enables us to help cats like Ruby Button have happy endings. Thank you.