Luke Update

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Those of you who follow us on Facebook will be familiar with Luke’s story. Luke was accidentally knocked down by a car last month. It was immediately obvious that he was seriously injured and he was brought to Lissenhall Vets. X-rays showed multiple fractures requiring specialist (and expensive) orthopaedic surgery. Luke is only one year old, so we felt that he deserved every chance. We appealed for donations and as so often in the past our supporters responded very generously.

Luke’s surgery went well. Pins and external fixators were used to stabilise his injured leg. After some time in the vets Luke went to Carol, one of our experienced foster carers. He will need cage rest, careful supervision and, of course, lots of tlc. He is responding well, and seems to know that people are rooting for him. Further surgery will be required to remove the fixators, then physiotherapy.

The financial target for the surgery was met—in fact exceeded. The surplus will be used to help other cats, especially five cats, all black, who came to us recently with multiple injuries. One cat had a nasty wound on his neck (we think caused by razor wire). Another kitten has a deformed paw; we will have to see what surgery may be required when he is a little bigger. Two young cats required amputation—in one case a tail, in the other a leg. So, as you see it has been a very busy few weeks for all of us, especially Core Group member, Sandra, who has been dealing with these cases.

We and Luke thank you sincerely for your support, which helps us to save feline lives.