Meet Kit Kat and Beemo

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Kit Kat and Beemo are two lovely sister kittens who are looking for their forever home.

Kit-Kat. Here comes trouble! This little girl doesn’t know the meaning of fear, her best friend at the moment is a dog and her favorite pass time is getting into mischief with him and her sister.
She gets on well with everyone she meets and loves being cuddled. Roughly 8 weeks old, she is ready to find her forever home.

Beemo (the darker of the two sisters) She’s roughly 8 weeks old, quiet little tabby girl with beautiful markings. When she was born she developed an ulcer in her eye that has since been treated but has left her with a tiny white scar in her right cornea, fortunately it doesn’t effect her sight. LOVES her food and will do just about anything for a piece of ham! She is a little shyer than her sister but would still make a great pet for a family.