Meet Serena!

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Meet Serena.

She is 8 months old and a beautiful calm affectionate cat. She loves her food, playing with her toys and snuggling on your lap.

She is only very young but already, when she was rescued by a very kind girl, she was pregnant and starving. She give birth to 3 beautiful female kittens who are 9 weeks old. They are now up for adoption.

Now it is Serena’s turn to get her own loving home. She would like a home with no other cats as she is still remembering being on the street as a small kitten and is anxious around other cats. Otherwise she is very happy and is in foster with her rescuer. She is now spayed and has had her first vaccination so far.

If you think you can give Serena a home please call Catsaid on 01 6683529 Ref SD