Meet Winnie!

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Winnie is a super friendly female black and white cat aged about 5 months who just loves to cuddle. She is not particularly fluffy but she is very sleek and soft to touch. She is well on her way to growing up to be a beautiful long sleek cat.

She will insist on cuddling with you even  if you do not cuddle her and will make sure that you don’t feel alone. She will always greet you anytime you go into a room and is always in a happy playful mood. She loves belly scratches and sleeping in your lap. She also likes her comfort so the softer the blanket in her bed the better.

She is a very lovable cat that will do well  in a nice home and will be good with small kids as she is super sociable. She likes to lick your fingers… and will eventually chew them gently showing her affection!

Ideally an indoor home would be great with some access to a safe outdoor place.

Please phone Cats Aid today and ask about her.