Meet Cheddar & Mango! (HOMED)

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Hi, we are Mango and Cheddar, we are 5 months old. We were both very shy when we arrived in our foster home but soon realized how much fun humans are! We sometimes pile on the bed with our foster parents and snooze or watch movies with them. We also get on very well with our foster cat brother and play wrestle with him all the time!

We are brothers and love each other dearly and give each other lots of kisses.

Our preference is to be homed together so we’d love to find a home where we will get lots of cuddles and play time. We like being around humans but small humans (children) scare us sometimes.


Cheddar !


I love to eat. I am very handsome and I try to use my looks to my advantage especially when I want food. I will coo and purr and twirl and even let you rub my belly…for  food! I am a kitten so I have lots of energy so sometimes I run around the house playing with my brother. I love chasing after tin foil balls and my toy mouse and I also enjoy watching movies. I like being petted but I am not quite sure if I like being picked up just yet.






Mango !


I love my brother and my foster cat brother and food. I love a good cosy bed where I can snooze uninterrupted. I can come across as being a little bit shy, but I will warm up to you, promise! I like looking out the window, sitting at the dining table next to my foster parents and snooze as I listen to their conversations. Other times, I imitate my foster cat brother but I can’t do everything he can because he is much bigger than me. I too have loads of energy so when I am not snoozing or eating or watching movies, I am going on adventures with Mango, discovering things around the house. You see, we are not allowed to go outside. Maybe someday.