Meet Leah! (HOMED)

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Hi I am Leah. I was a friendly stray found living with a feral cat community. I came to the attention of Cats’ Aid and the rest as they say is history.  I’m a healthy 2-3 years old female.  I have jet black fur with a bit of white on my neck and two patches on my tummy like a tiny bikini.   I am friendly, affectionate, playful, gentle and inquisitive.  I love cuddles, head rubs, curling up next to my foster mom and running to the front door to greet visitors.  I’m also quite chatty but I have a slightly deep voice that doesn’t carry so only the target of my conversation can hear what I am saying.  I’m happy to be inside during this dreary winter weather, but I’d love to have access to the outside once I’ve settled in a new forever home.  I like company, so I’m open I’m to a new life with cats, dogs and humans of all ages.
If you would like to adopt me please call and leave your details on 01 6683529. REF: NM.