Meet Grace! (Homed)

Monday, February 26th, 2018

Meet Grace! She has become more effectionately known as Captain Squeakles in her foster home. She is a little attention seeking cat who loves to run up your leg and watch what you’re up to. Grace is a very chatty cat, you can’t help falling in love with her. She will play with anything you give her (whether is a bottle cap or a piece of string), and if she has nothing to play with, she will just roll around the carpet for fun. That said, she loves cheap rubber mice from the pet shop or the 2€ shop (and if you decide to adopt her, you will be adopting her mouse pet toy as well – comes in the same package).

Grace is small for her age, so if you’re looking for a pocket size loving kitty, Grace is the one for you. She loves a good back or head rub but she is is a bit fuzzy about being lifted off the ground so please bear this in mind.

She is looking forward to finding her forever home so she can find new people to play with and maybe get outside for a few hours to chase the birds away. But if you give her a cozy blanket in a warm spot or by a window she will be a perfectly indoor cat  as she is currently a very happy indoor-only trained cat.

Grace is spayed and up to date on her vaccines. She will be happy as a solo cat or will integrate into your family of cats with ease. She can also be adopted with her brother Will who is also up for adoption.

Here are some little clips of Grace…




And finally a few pictures…..!


If you can offer Grace a warm and loving home please do get in touch with Cats Aid today.