Meet Morty!(Homed)

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

This is Morty, an 8 month old kitten with a heart of gold! This handsome chap is very good with dogs and other cats and loves nothing more than eating ham and a good ear scratch!

(Be warned, he will follow you around the house asking to be petted!)

The thing about Morty is that he is a very shy and nervous cat around humans he doesn’t know new things or places, he can’t be picked up yet and while he is litter trained he can sometimes have small accidents when he gets a fright. Morty is looking for an owner who will have lots of patience with him and know how to handle fearful cats. A quiet, child free home would be best (he can sometimes scratch when he gets a fright) and he would need to be crated when he first arrives and then kept as an indoor cat.

Morty is fully vaccinated and neutered and ready to go so if you are keen on him please give Cats Aid a call and enquire about him today.