Meet Will! (Homed)

Monday, February 26th, 2018

Meet Will!

Will is a very loving,  playful black cat who is nice and chilled out and likes sitting on windowsills inside and watching the trees blow in the breeze outside (or napping, napping a lot).

He adores a good neck scratch and flops for a belly tickle when he’s in the right relaxed mood (normally by the windowsill).

His favourite toy so far is the plastic ring from a milk bottle, followed by a cheap rubber mouse… but he will play with almost anything you give him (if you have a laser pointer you will make his day). He enjoys chattering away while he plays to let you know he is still there.

He always welcome you home from work, partly because he loves food and mostly because he loves you.

He is okay with living with other cats, but he will also enjoy living and chilling on his own with his hooomans. He comes in an unbreakable package with his favourite toy and a small stash of catnip for his (and your) enjoyment!

Will is neutered and up to date with his vaccinces. He will be happy as a solo cat or will integrate into your family of cats with ease. He can also be adopted together with his sister Grace who is also available for adoption.

Here are some lovely clips of Will.



And finally the pictures…!

Please call Cats Aid today if you feel that you can offer our Gorgeous Will a loving home.