Special Appeal: Barney & Tyler!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Meet Barney and Tyler! These two lovely boys are about 16 months old now and have been with Cats’ Aid for more than a year. Sadly nobody has offered them a home yet. They were very scared kittens when they were rescued and it took some time for them to learn to trust humans. They have come such a long way since then and are now super affectionate and love to get lots of attention and head rubs. They are both shy around new people though, normal cat behaviour,and get quite worried by new situations. This is why we’re looking for a quiet home for them, with someone who will be patient and give them time to come out of their shell.

Barney (black) is quiet little guy who will follow you around and sleep on the end of your bed of he’s allowed. He loves his food and treats are definitely the way to his heart. He is super affectionate once he gets to know you and will demand head rubs any chance he gets. He will sleep on your lap if all is quiet and calm. He needs some encouragement to play, mostly because Tyler takes over every game!

Tyler (black and white) is a real character. He will have full conversations with you and we think he knows when he’s being goofy. He loves attention and will run to you if pets are on offer. He’s very playful, but not as much of a foodie as Barney. He has only just discovered how comfortable laps are, and like Barney, he’ll curl up with you when all is quiet.

They are quite bonded with each other and ideally we’d like to home them together. If the right homes come around though we would consider separating them. Barney would be ok being the only cat as long as he has human company, and Tyler would appreciate a feline friend. Neither have ever been alone. These gorgeous boys are great company and will happily live as indoor cats. They are both neutered and vaccinated and deserve a special home.

Please call 016683529 to leave your details and we will call you back.