Meet Rocky!(Homed)

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Rocky is  a six year old neutered, chipped ginger boy who originally came all the way from Gran Canaria with his humans. He is somewhere between a shorthair and a longhair with the most beautiful bushy tail that he likes to hold up proudly and rub off your legs!

Rocky is very loving and loves sitting on your knee for a cuddle or just beside you on the arm of the sofa. Up until recently he lived with his little brother Apollo but he very sadly got run over. He really misses his brother and would love to move in with another cat for cuddles and company.

He’s also had a small human arrive in his life and he really doesn’t know what the story is. He would really like a quiet home ideally with no children and another cat.

He loves chasing around after a laser pointer, a leaf, the top of the milk or best of all just a plain old cardboard box!

He can most often be found flaked out on a window sill catching some rays or curled up in his bed.

He has lived as an indoor only cat before but is happiest when he can go outside exploring your garden and doze off under a bush!

If you would like to offer him a home please call 016683529 and leave a message with you details and we will get back to you. Ref: SD