Black & White Cat Found in Templeogue – April 18

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

There is a small cat that has been straying around our road for about a month now

When she (I think) arrived originally I thought she was a new cat to the area as there are a few. She was being scolded by some of the existing cat residents as to whose territory was whose!  She has long hair that is now starting to matt and look unkempt which makes me feel she is straying and not just exploring from a home base.

She seems friendly until you approach her when she runs away quickly; I have fed her over the last few days but she won’t come near enough to touch, let alone hold.  She is also very silent – I have never heard her meow.

I am hoping that she will gain my trust and come closer but to date no success. She sits outside looking in as if she has been “put out” and is begging to be let in… until you open the door!

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