Meet Ivan! (Homed)

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Hi there, my name is Ivan and I am an older gentle cat who is neutered and vaccinated and very chilled out

So far my life has been spent in an outdoor environment which was really really tough as I missed out on kind humans (like you) looking after me.

Because I was not neutered at the time I was always being picked on by other male cats and I have some scars to prove it!

I absolutely loves head scratches and am very calm and affectionate.

I  have  a very gentle disposition and never bite or scratch. I am  very quiet and like to cuddle next to people. I am not rambunctious but I  go crazy for the laser pointer!

My ideal home would be nice and quiet and indoor only please.

If you feel that you can offer me my ideal home please get in touch today…. just do it!