Male Cat Called Moo Needs a New Home – May 18

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Moo is an 8 year old, neutered male cat who has lived his whole life with 2 dogs and the last year and a half with a baby/toddler, so he’s well used to noisy family environments. He’s a bit stand-offish at first but is very affectionate when he gets to know you – some might find him too affectionate as he always wants cuddles when he’s with his favourites! He’s had a short stumpy tail since birth and a wonky nose that gives him a real distinctive look. He likes to sleep inside but is a real outdoorsy guy who we often see lurking up a tree in the garden or sunning himself on a roof. He’s had no health problems and hasn’t been into the vet since his shots. He’s got a real sweet disposition – not a grumpy cat at all.
My number is 087 661 4643 if people are interested.
 Disclaimer – 
‘Cats’ Aid does not accept responsibility for this cat.’