Meet Beatrice! (Homed!)

Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Beatrice is the most beautiful sleek black cat aged about one and a half years. She came to Cats Aid in February after being found alone, pregnant and hungry in someones back garden. A kind lady started feeding her and discovered that she was very friendly. She found she was able to pick her up, place her in a carrier and bring her to a Cats Aid Fosterer where she would remain to have her babies safely and with the proper care she deserved.

Beatrice gave birth to her four gorgeous babies in March and was a super mum though-out. Her babies are all now weaned and gone to forever homes so she is ready for a new home of her own. She is a very pleasant cat with a very soft personality. A quiet household without other pets would suit her best. She absolutely loves human company and will want you all to herself!

Now that her babies are all gone Beatrice is more relaxed and enjoys kitten games, playing on the ipad and  she is particularly fond of her fishing rod and laser dot. Her foster mum thinks she is just super!

Beatrice is neutered and vaccinated plus her bags are packed so she is ready to go.

If you think you can offer Beatrice such a home please get in touch with Cats Aid today.