Milo Needs A New Home!

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Milo is a quirky little soul – he can be fiercely independent but then is very vocal when he wants cuddles and food. He is a two year-old long haired tabby and thoroughly enjoys being brushed – I have been doing this since he was a kitten. His favourite spot is on the garden shed roof where he can soak up the rays and keep a watchful eye on the world. He spends his day outside, dines at 5pm and is in bed by 9pm. He’s also very quiet at night time.  The best home for Milo would probably be an indoor, adult-only home.

If you would like to offer this gorgeous chap a home please phone Nikki on 086 070 0577.
Disclaimer – 
‘Cats’ Aid does not accept responsibility for this cat.’