Meet Polly! (Booked)

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Polly is a healthy  2-3 year female who came to Cats’ Aid when she was found as a stray.  She’s social, friendly, inquisitive, sassy and likes human company including strangers/ visitors.  She loves ear scratches and to be brushed/combed. One of her favorite games is to roll over on her back and show her tummy.  Sometimes she wants a tummy rub sometimes not. Every now and then she also enjoys ankle hunting.  She likes to hang out in high places (top of kitchen cupboards) or small nooks like a bookcase shelf.  She not a lap cat yet, but can’t help climbing onto humans stretched out on the sofa “reading” and then napping herself.  Polly is a real fun little character and wouldn’t be happy in just any home.   She’s best suited to a home with cat experienced adults where she is the only pet (and can be spoiled rotten) and has access to outdoors once she’s had a period to settle in.
Please leave a message on 016683529 and we would be delighted to get back to you. Ref: NM