Meet Thomas & Emily! (All homed)

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Thomas and Emily are doe eyed 10 weeks old siblings. They are both very friendly and love being around people and other cats. They are very close to one another and spend most of their time going on adventures around the house. They keep their foster parents thoroughly entertained with their shenanigans.


Thomas is a very friendly guy and a purring machine. He loves to be petted and doesn’t mind being picked up. He is very curious, outgoing and will chase after anything you dangle in front of him.

Emily can come across as being a little shy but she has really blossomed into a gentle, loving kitty. She has learned by watching Thomas and can now jump twice as high as Thomas when playing! She is a little nugget with a big heart.


They are both amazing and the cutest kittens. They will brighten up the home they go to. Ideally, it would be perfect if they could stay together. However, they are both independent and would also suit a home with another pet where they have a playmate.


If you are keen to offer this gorgeous pair a good home please do get in touch today. Please leave a message and contact number when phoning Cats Aid on 01 6683529. Ref: RS