Obelix Needs A New Home.

Friday, July 6th, 2018

Obelix is a kind and good natured, 5 year old male cat.

He is a very handsome cat, really fluffy as he is partially a forest cat breed.
He lives indoor and outdoor, he is used to accessing the downstairs living area of our home (large kitchen and living room).

Unfortunately our younger daughter has asthma and has developed allergies, which is why we cannot keep him.
We don’t want to force him to be outdoor only, and would prefer that a nice and kind person / family would take care of him.

He is very gentle and very good with children, and is generally very easy to keep.

We got him in the Dublin rescue shelter when he was about 1 years old, and he has been well looked after with all vaccines up to date.

We are heartbroken to part with him; but have to put our daughter’s health first.

Please call me on either of the following numbers if you can help –

Thank you


Disclaimer –
‘Cats’ Aid does not accept responsibility for this cat.’