Two Tabbies Missing from Ballybough, Dublin. (Sep 18)

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

The 2 cats missing from Ballybough:

1 silver grey female tabby, about 2 years old, spayed and ear tipped. She is an outdoor cat who loves the company of other cats. She is good with people and enjoys rubs too but she always wants to go outside, she is used to being around other cats and seems to prefer the company of her own kind. She would likely come across as skittish at first.

1 brown female tabby, about 2 years old, spayed. She has a ferocious appetite, she is a cat who would over eat and she is also friendly with people. She used to live with a dog and she missed him very much when he went to a new home, so she might not fear dogs. She has a ‘gunner’ eye, left eye. She is used to being around her sister but she may not like being around a lot of cats.  She is my neighbours cat.

They could be together, 1 went missing 13th Sept, the other on the 14th from the Ballybough side of Croke Park. They are used to being out and getting their collars off. The terrain here isn’t good for collars so we only use collars that will break off.

Both cats are listed on lost and found pets website. Silver grey tabby will be in the Herald for 5 days and is listed on FB lost & found pages. Details sent to rescue group pages on FB already and some vets pages also. More photos of silver grey tabby below.  1 photo of brown tabby below.

Please keep an eye out for these 2 cats. Thanks to all for helping and contacting me. Please also let me know if you get calls from the public asking for TNR in this area, as we all know how easy it is for the public to get mixed up between pet cats and strays.

Kim – 086 167 9886