Meet Pesto! (Homed)

Saturday, October 13th, 2018

Pesto (or Toe for short) is a fabulous black and white male kitten. He is aged about four months old. His mother was rescued and taken into foster care with Cats Aid where she safely gave birth to him and his siblings. Pesto has been health checked at the vets and will have all his vaccines by November.
He is little shy at first but his curiosity draws him out. He loves to be petted around his ears and he will let you know when he wants attention by head butting your hands.
Pesto also likes walking across laptops and keyboards to get a better view of what’s on Netflix. He also really likes toys that make a sound and will run from wherever he is hiding when he hears them being moved.
So what are you waiting for….please offer this gorgeous fella a good home and get in touch today.
Ref EB